Friendly barbers providing haircuts for the whole family.

familySo what is it that makes a great barber?  The have to get a great haircut, each time, every time.  One that people will notice and say "nice haircut".  People do see the difference and will often comment. 

Whether you're looking for a style that is short, long, trendy or would like to change the shade of your hair - the right barber will always make you look your best. It's all about knowing how to cut your hair to match your personal style.  This kind of quality obviously won't be found in the 'quick cut' franchise shops.  It takes experience and an understanding of what style best fits a person's face, hair, head and even their personality.

mature manThe second part is that you need to feel comfortable with your barber.  This is likely to be a long term relationship, lasting many years.  At Dakotas we've been serving families for over four generations.  That speaks not only to the quality of the service but also to the personality of the your barber...somebody that you enjoy visiting, time after time.

The final piece is convenience.  Many people will travel great distances to go to a professional that they trust and enjoy seeing.  Fortunately, Dakotas is centrally located near downtown Sacramento and Land Park with easy access and plenty of free parking.

Make a convenient appointment and see the difference a great barber can make in how you look and feel about yourself.

Located: 4409 Freeport Blvd.
             Sacramento, CA  95822
Phone:   916-457-6931
Hours:   Tuesday - Friday 9 - 6
             Saturday 8 - 5
             Sunday & Monday - Closed